Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Keep Austin Weird!

Just by living here, I am doing my part.
Life so far in Austin is pretty good. It is a little lonely without our friends, but we're managing. We have been separated for two weeks, so it is pretty easy right now just to have some family time. The move out of Dallas was atrocious! The moving company tried (with a little success) to rip me off. It was so packed in the truck and my mom's car that sadly some stuff didn't move with us to Austin (i.e. the vacuum, the broom, mop and some other things). There was barely enough room for Noah in the car! Good thing, the drive went well. Then the movers here in Austin unloaded the truck no problem and didn't rip us off. We took my parents to our fave diner here in Austin, Magnolia Cafe. They loved it, although, I don't know if they loved it AS MUCH as Isaac and I. There is a special place in our heart for the Magnolia Cafe and we love the food. Saturday was filled with unpacking and we got so much done. Sunday we went to our new ward and it has already split. Apparently. they are making a new stake and we are in said stake. Other than that, we have just been getting around town as much as we can afford to GAS-$3.49!!! OUCH!!!). More updates to come, more unpacking to do. Miss all of you we left behind in Dallas. Nikki, I haven't even HAD a Dr. Pepper yet, it makes me think of you. Heather, yes, your loom is still in my car, email me your addy and I will mail it to you use Di, I won't get a snow cone until I see you again, I will have to hold myself over on ice cream. Loves and misses from the Holc's!


di said...

yay you are alive! i guess you can eat ice cream cones...even though they have the word "cone" in them...but whatever. cant wait to come visit you guys! yay!

The Talbot Family said...

I'm soo glad to hear that you all are there and safe!! I'm sure you both will find more friends in the area very quickly!! I don't know Issac very well, but you have NO problems making friends!!
Luv you and can't wait to hear more!

di said...

i am a horrible friend! my inlaws came for a surprise visit. angel knew how stressful it was, so they all went out and came home with a large tigers blood snow cone!!! i debated for like 30 seconds whether or not to eat it. im sure you know the choice that i ultimatly had to make. but i thought about you the entire time. so you get 1 freebee. use it wisely!

Nikki said...

Glad the move went OK. I know you will make lots of friends and start all kinds of fun traditions down in Austin!

Maybe I can come see you sometime, and we can have a Dr. Pepper together!

I love you!

E said...

Hey, good to see you guys moved alright. Hope you enjoy your new home and the area. Never really been to austin myself. Have a good time there and best wishes with Noah!!! keep in touch! Erica 'Truesdell' Derricott