Sunday, September 21, 2008

I know you've been waiting

Yes, Yes, it's that time again. It's almost fall. The weather is cooler. The trees start to give the ground brown, crispy leaves. And, most importantly, Tyra picks another 13 hopefuls. As you are all well aware I am a big fan. This year my top pick is Analeigh, she is just gorgeous in a not so obvious kinda way. My least fave is Elena, she seems like she just tries to be different to get a reaction out of everyone. She was crying at the makeover because they gave her red hair-Red is hot, your boring mid-length brown mush should be falling down and thanking the Hair Pixies for fixing that nasty mane. Everyone one esle is kinda meteocre at best. I like Marjorie a great deal as well. The only one that I am a little creeped out about is Isis, she's a dude. Ok enough ANTM. PS, I am already in need of Tori and Dean, I am having some fierce withdrawls.
Anyways, I am working at an Aveda Concept Salon now (Dylan Brooke's), it is nice and a good stepping stone, there is alot of opportunity for education and growth, which I am really excited about. Additonally, I have a new friend, Eli. That takes the Austin friend count to...drum roll, please...ONE! Well, one friend that I really "hang out" with I guess you could say. She is from Baton Rouge and super cool. Shout out! The problem is, that I miss my friends from Dallas. Two come to mind automatically, you know who you are. My Monday hang outs with one, are what I miss most of all. I didn't have a snow cone all summer!
Noah started Mother's Day Out on Sept 3rd. It is so good for him and I can see that he is slowly getting more social with kids his own age. He plays with some other babies at church and stuff. I can't believe he is going to be a year old soon. Where has the past year gone? This time last year I was getting put on bedrest. Now, I am giving baths and finding cherrios in mysterious places. He is growing up so fast, and I am so not ready for it.
At work, we have started a Biggest Loser! I am really excited and ave been working out like a beast! I should start a work out blog and then I would have to blog and work out more ;).
Isaac is good, he has finally settled on Physical Therapy and we have accepted the 8 year school challenge that it will entale. I don't really see the point of him doing anything else, PT has been all he's talked about since we've met.
As for me, I am good. I am struggling right now, with missing my Mama and Daddy. Not that they lived in Dallas, anyways. The thing was we had friends that we considered family, so it was hard to notice that we didn't have family around. Now, that we don't have the company of close friends OR family, I notice how much we want them near by. I am excited about the new friends I am making at church and at work, and know that those blues will go away. Other than that I am blissful. I love my life and I am so blessed.