Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Hey Everyone!
Merry almost Christmas. I just wanted to give y'all an update on how everything is going in our family since you last heard from us. Noah went to the pediatrician on Monday for his 2 week appointment. He is now 18 3/4 inches long and 5 lbs and 12 oz, they really do grow so fast. The doctor said that was really good, considering they expect them just to be back at their birth weight by 2 weeks. He is eating pretty well, so it doesn't surprise me that he has gained so much. Other than that he is ding well, but still not able to get out of the house. It's kinda stinky, I want to show him off, my body worked on him for 9 months! He is now fitting into something besides onesies, which is also kinda nice. He is changing so much everyday. When I wake up in the morning I feel like I am looking at a new baby everytime, it's like he changes overnight (or over 2 hours).
In other sad news, my grandmother Rose Barton has passed away, she was 78 years old and will be missed by everyone who knew her. The really bad thing is, both Noah's doctor and my doctor don't want us traveling, so we will not be able to attend her funeral, since it is in Henderson. I will have to find a way to say goodbye without going, which is going to be hard. Although, I am glad that i have the knowledge of the gospel and the church. Anyways, so that's what's been going on.
Also, we are moving and it is Christmas, things are really stressful right now. Atleast, I can't lift anything heavier than Noah, so this move will be pretty easy on me. He's pretty easy to move. Hope all is well. Till I write again!

Monday, December 3, 2007

He's Here!!!

Okay Everyone the time we've all been waiting for is here. Our son Noah Zane was born on Monday November 26, 2007 at 10:40 am, weighing in at 5 lbs 2.2 oz and a lengthy 17 inches. Yes, he is a tiny little tike (I am grateful for that). We are both doing well and recovering from the birth nicely. So, I bet you wanna here the labor story! Okay here it is:
So, I got to the hospital at 7:30 and met my super-awesome nurse Linda (that's my mama's name too, So i knew she was cool). She said that my doc was on her way and that we needed to get all the stuff done so that she could induce right when she got there. So, my doc got there are checked me and I was at a 3 (i guess all that Black Friday shopping paid off). So she broke my water, which didn't hurt as bad as everyone says it does. This whole time I have been wanting to have a natural delivery (this is important later on). So, the fact that I was at a 3 meant that I was going to go into labor some time on Monday or Tuesday anyways, so it all worked out. She started to pitocin (synthetic form of oxytocin, which is the hormone that puts you in to labor), then that's when the pain got worse. Nothing I couldn't handle, though. About an hour and a half later she checks me and says that I am at a 4 and says that they like to see 1 inch/hour as far as dilating (this also is important later). All of a sudden my contractions were really bad, I don't really remember how bad see John 16:21, it really is true. I know I was in alot of pain, but I can't tell you how much, I know it felt like more than I could handle, so I did what I didn't want to do...Asked for an epidural (it was a weak moment). So, she calls the anesthesiologist and it takes him a while to get there, so they gave me a shot of something to take the edge off of the contractions until they could start the epidural. I have never felt more like a failure in my life. I had gone through this whole pregnancy vowing to have a natural delivery and here I was asking for drugs. But, no time to be hard on myself, right? So right when the anesthesiologist walks in the room, I felt alot of pressure, so the nurse checked me, I was at a 10, this was 20 minutes after the last time we checked. So the doc says "ok, so you don't need me." Come to find out, it was time for me to give birth, that's why the pain was so bad. So they call my doctor and get her on her way there. Remember NO EPIDURAL which means, I could feel everything that was happening below my waist and had this incredible urge to push. But, no one wants me to push because the doctor isn't there yet. So, I breathed and I tried and the nurse held him in and finally my doc gets there, just as she is putting on her battle gear, Noah came right out. They told me to wait for the doc, they didn't say how long. ;) Just then the meds they gave me finally kicked in, just in time for me to have the "repairs" done. I remember holding Noah and feeling my life change in a matter a seconds, I was a mom. My dream since before I can remember. This was what I was born to do. It's funny I thought I knew how much I loved him when he was hanging out inside of me, but I didn't know I could love him more everytime I looked at him. They whisked him away as soon as they put him down and Isaac cut the cord and then they started doing all of the tests and stuff they needed to do to him. Everyone was talking about how cute he was and who he looked like and every feature he had, suddenly I couldn't take it anymore and said "well, I haven't even got to see him yet, so can we stop talking about it", they did and then the moment I can never forget, them placing my newborn son in my arms (clean) and the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life. It was the most precious moment I have witnessed since I married Isaac. I remember feeling so overwhelmed with love, excitement, exhaustion, and so many other emotions I didn't even know existed.
We spent the next couple of days in the hospital and he didn't loose much weight so he got to come home with us on Wednesday. We have been adjusting to our new life and waiting to see what it hold for us. I love you all and can't wait for y'all to meet Noah, you will fall in love with him, just like everyone has. He was the talk of the whole nursery! Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We know what's going on

Hey Y'all!
Thought I would let you know what is going on this week in the ever continuing baby drama. I will be induced on Monday at 7:30 AM! I spent some time in the hospital yesterday for some blood pressure problems, but there was nothing to worry about. I have not dilated anymore and don't seem to be progressing anymore so that's why I am being induced. We should get to meet the new one sometime that day.
In other news, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and Isaac is going to do the Turkey Trot, I am so proud of him. I can't wait to get back in the gym and have him whip my butt back into shape. He is so good at that. We are excited to have Isaac's parents here for Thanksgiving and are cooking tons of food for the occasion. I am trying my second round at cooking a turkey, I cooked my first one last year and it was actually really good, so I am going to try again this year.
I will write later after Black Friday! Totally going to enjoy the deals. Love y'all and Happy Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Baby/Birthday Bliss

Well, Tuesday was my 26th birthday. Odd, i don't feel 26, lately, more like 62. My birthday was fabulous! I went out to lunch at On the Border with my in-laws and then headed over for the most fabulous hour and a half pedicure of my life (i told the lady it was my birthday and she could see I was pregnant), so I think she treated me extra special. Then it got all cold while I was in getting my pedicure and I was totally not ready for the weather. I went to Wal-mart and looked around, the doctor told me to walk around as much as I could to try and speed along this little thing. That night was really great, as well. Isaac and I went to Campisi's for dinner and got to go on a little date and have some alone time, it was so nice. We came home and had birthday cake and made wishes and took pictures. Then we went to bed, it was one of the greatest birthdays EVER!
The baby is doing well. He is held up in his little cave and is being stubborn. First we couldn't get him to not come when it wasn't a good time and now that it is a good time we can't get him to come-BOYS! Yesterday, I went and got some more things in preparation for the little ones arrival and it was so good to be out. I had lunch with some girls from work and had a good day as well. Today I am doing housework mostly and grocery shopping-whoever said being a stay at home wife was bad? It is so nice to get to do all of the stuff I would normally do at night or on the weekends.
So, to all interested I am doing well and I am happy! Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Being Pregnant

Hello Again!
you will be happy to know that I am off of bedrest and medication. I am doing well and actually being encouraged to walk now. I seem to be in the early signs of labor and not much is happening, so it's a little annoying. As much as I have enjoyed being pregnant I am tired of going through this part of it. I am ready to meet our son and welcome him into our home. I am doing well and my parents in law being here has been one of the best blessings ever. They are helping out so much and treat me like a queen. I like having them around, it helps the sanity a little. Other than that I am doing well and we have all the blessings in life we could ask for, and one on the way any day now. Love all of you and I hope you are doing well.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Bedrest Sucks!

Throughout this whole pregnancy I thought "Wow, all I want is a break, how cool would bedrest be?" To all those pondering this same question let me tell you it sucks. Never wish it on yourself, enjoy your freedom. I bet you are wondering how I ended up on bedrest, let me tell you. This whole pregnancy went without any hiccups for the most part. The first trimester was more nausea and no vomiting (which I didn't mind), the second trimester I suffered with some sciatic nerve pain, but nothing I couldn't handle. I have pretty much felt great this whole pregnancy. This third trimester has been a whirlwind! Isaac got laidoff at the beginning of our 7th month and then quickly found a job making more money, having better insurance AND his own office, not too shabby. All was well until week 32. On Friday of week 32 I started having some contractions and got really scared that it was time. You can imagine my concern, I was at work when all of this happened and I had a baby threatening to come 8 WEEKS early. After a call to the doc and shortly after a visit to the doc, we learned that our baby was already "engaged" in the pelvis (this isn't supposed to happen until about 36 weeks or so.) The good news was that I wasn't dilating or anything so all was well, but I was put on bedrest, which put a HUGE damper in our state fair plans, which meant no corndog for me this year, nor a funnel cake. REALLY SAD!
All was well, I went to the doctor at week 34, as scheduled. This appointment held something a little more scary than the last. After an exam, the doc told me that the baby's head was even lower and that I had began to "thin out", which is again, something that isn't supposed to happen for several weeks. She put me on mandatory bedrest for atleast two weeks. It was like being put in prison for me. I always wanted to rest from work and life and such, but I never wanted to just be confined to my couch or bed all day, that wasn't what I had in mind. I wanted to be out, getting all the things ready that I haven't been able to do yet. Luckily, my mama was in town having lunch with a friend and was able to come to my rescue for a while. As, a true mom, she came as soon as she heard and wouldn't leave until she knew I was in good hands. I am so grateful for her. Two days after my doctor's appointment, I woke up having contractions (REAL ONES), so another call to the doc and another office visit yielded even more scary news. I had dilated to one centimeter, this landed me in the hospital for "monitoring". After a while of keeping me a watchful eye on me and the baby, I was put on some medication to stop my labor. I have to take it until i get to week 36 and after that we are in the clear. Only 2 more days of meds. Then we will see what happens.
The arrival of my in-laws on Sunday was jovial. Only 20 minutes after they got here, I started having more contractions and was in the hospital again, our son seems to be a little impatient.
With their arrival my mama felt I was in good hands and left on Monday. It was really sad for me and her. I felt like I was moving out all over again, only this time it was her who was leaving. She has always been there for me and was there when I needed her most. She dropped everything work and life to be here for me. She truely is special.
Since Monday, I have gone through phases. We have put together the pack n play and I have discovered the world of online shopping. Now, I have decided to blog. I go through my times where I want to stop being watched (no one will leave me at the house by myself) and I just want to escape to chick-fil-a for some waffle fries. I miss my husband incredibly. With so many people always around we never get to just sit and talk until we are pouring ourselves into bed. I should get used to it, I guess. Other than that, the days of bedrest are almost over and my body seems to be preparing itself for a lifetime of no sleep. I have been sleeping for about 11 or 12 hours a night. Which, is not like me at all. I suppose my body knows something my mind doesn't. Thanks for reading my novel of a blog. I hope you found it informative and entertaining as well. Have a great day, I will post more soon. Much Love!

"How wonderful a thing is a child. How beautiful is a newborn babe. There is no greater miracle than the creation of human life"
-President Gordon B. Hinckley