Wednesday, April 2, 2008

See I am getting better

Hey everyone. So, I feel like a slacker blogger after reading a friend/old boss' blog. Hers are filled with insights into her deepest thoughts and fears. Mine are all about trying to catch up on blogging.
With that, I decided to share something a little more personal with you. Now I am in an inner struggle. I have accomplished something so amazing, so beautiful, more feminine than shoes and clothes and pretty hair. I have given life to another human being, and for that, I need to pat myself on the back. Yet, I am plagued with my new body...or rather, my OLD body. You see, some of you may have known me as "big brandi" and saw an amazing transformation to "skinny brandi" (ok so, I wasn't skinny but 145 ain't bad). I had lost an astonishing 70 lbs. I had never felt more confident and sexy. Now, after having Noah, I am almost back to my old weight (not as big as I was). I have some vacation (before Noah "with me" I gained about 10 lbs in San Fran). I have baby weight to lose (about 30 lbs) and finally, I have bed rest weight to lose. I had done so well through my pregnancy, I had eaten well and worked out a little. I would not trade the experience of Noah or being with him for that precious nine months for anything, but I would gladly trade the weight and emotional baggage from the weight. I know I need to give myself time, but it is so hard. I miss being fit and sexy. I am excited to lose the weight and I am trying to be creative to find times to work out.
Bottom Line...I need to get on the ball and stop whining. I can't wait to have my smokin' hot body back. Until then, "I be up in the gym just workin' on my fitness....Brandilicious!"


The Moffitt's said...

bring on're gonna get there!!

di said...

yea this isnt gonna fly when you guys move to austin. i need my daily dose of branoah! i needs to know whats goin on!