Sunday, April 20, 2008

Di is getting her wish

Well, I have a good reason this time, we are moving and super busy.
Life without your companion is hard, I guess that's why they are meant to be there for eternity. I miss Isaac, he left this afternoon to go back to Austin. Luckily, it is only 5 more days and then Noah and I will be down there. The move is going good, we still have a lot to do, but it is cool. Last week I went home to East Texas for a little boondockin', it was great! I got to see all sorts of family and friends and they all got to meet Noah. Kenzie got fleas there like she always does when we go down there. Seriously, we could put like 15 tubes of frontline on her and she would still come back with a flea family, it is really annoying. Plus, she is kinda obsessive so she won't stop scratching even though we have killed them all. Anyways, not an exciting story, but what do you want I was in East Texas for a week. Until later, love and peace!

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Anonymous said...

I hope the days are going by fast for you all. I know it's hard being w/o your honey. Good luck with the rest of the move!! Post again after you get there and are slightly settled (but not fully settled, that might take too long for us all to wait ;) )
Luv ya lots!