Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Ok so, I have a new show that I absolutely love. Before I tell you, you have to promise to love me and not judge me. Ok, so I sat down to watch the last 15 minutes of this show one day, just to satisfy curiosity. The next thing I knew a whole other episode of this show had gone by. That was it, I was officially addicted. I love this show!!! Most of all, I feel so much differently than I did more recently about the main person in this show. I kinda didn't like her, didn't dislike her, just really didn't care what she did either way. So, I bet you are wondering about my new found love for Tori Spelling aren't you? Yes, I am addicted to "Tori and Dean, Home Sweet Hollywood". I love seeing her adventures and her super cute little baby Liam (which was a name in the running for Noah). She even calls her son "Monkey" and "Little Man", how weird is that? Anyhow, I have actually grown quite fond of the show and actually have caught myself actively seeking out her book "sTORI Telling". I can't believe this happened to me. Am I so desperate to connect with the outside world that I have to cling to Tori Spelling? Is her life really that much more interesting that mine? Is it the things that I see we have in common? Is that the reason I am drawn to her? AHHHHH!!! Anyways, so I love the show and you can't change my mind, I even wish she was coming here for a book signing!
So, I got to talk with my newest best friend on the phone yesterday. It was really good. I don't know if this friend really knows how much her friendship has meant to me the last 10 or so months, I can't believe we have been friends that long now! Anyways, it was good because we actually don't talk on the phone that often, we are more of a texting and emailing kind of communication type friendship. We talk all the time when we are in person, but on the phone both of us are out of our element, so it is easier to text and email. I miss her and can't wait to see her soon.
Last Thursday PumperNikki was in town for a conference for work and we had lunch while she was in town. I took her to my favorite place her to eat...Magnolia Cafe. I take everyone there when they are visiting for the first time. It was so good to catch up and it reminded me of how much I miss her. The funny thing is, we could be away from eachother for months and when we get together it's like no time has passed at all. The sign of a good friendship!
So that''s what's been going on lately, I really am trying to get new pics of Peanut up, but we just got a new computer so we are trying to get everything moved over. Hugs, kisses and lots of misses!


di said...

hey that one paragraph is about me!!! (right, i hope lol or else i look really stupid!!) you forgot to mention your obsession of shear genious!

Nikki said...

I had a great time hanging out with you, too, and I was thinking the same thing about how much time can pass and it feels like we just pick up where we left off! I wish we could have spent more time together, but maybe I will just have to make another trip down there sometime! It was so cool to see you and Noah!