Friday, July 11, 2008

My run in with the Austin PoPo's

Yeah, so everyone who knows me knows that I from time to time can have a bit of a lead foot. I really wouldn't consider it lead, more like the heavy plastic they make ear rings out of. So I was having a hard day. Noah, who was doing so well sleeping through the night in Dallas, seems to have some issues sleeping for long stretches of time in the dark hours. So, I hadn't slept very much the night before and looked a hot mess, I was running late-all kinds of things against me. Well, I was going 43 mph in a 30 mph zone, and a cop had the nerve to pull me over!!!! (I deserved to be pulled over) Anyways, so I see the undeniable flashing lights, and I pulled over like a good girl. If Noah wasn't with me I may have contemplated a chase, but I digress. I pull into a park with lots of people (i am no fool, i watch the news), and the officer gets out of his car, I stomach drops as I see him in my side mirror and turn off my radio. I roll my window down, anxious, I have heard alot about how hard the cops are here in Austin. I see...a nice older man maybe 50 or so, and say in my cutest "I'm a dunce" voice, "Hi Officer", he introduced himself and I said "I was running late to pick up my husband and had my mind elsewhere and I was speeding". He smiled and said "Well, yes, that is why I pulled you over. May I see your driver's license and insurance?" "Well, see offier, I don't have it with me, I was running out of the house and totally forgot it!" "Do you have your insurance?" With a trembling hand I fumble around my messy car, "here is my old one (expired in MAY!!!)." I looks at my registration and inspection and gives me "benefit of the doubt" since they were both just renewed and you need current insurance to do that. Alas, I give him my license number and he goes back to the interceptor to call it in. I am praying the whole time! He comes back...with...A WARNING! Heavenly Father answered the prayer of a desperate woman. A nice police officer takes pity on a strung out mother. The skies opened up and poured sunshine right on top of me. It was a good day. Anyways, I have been really good about driving since I got pregnant with Noah, and I had a little slip up, I am being careful...I may not be so smiled upon next time! With that, I say drive safe!

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