Friday, November 16, 2007

Baby/Birthday Bliss

Well, Tuesday was my 26th birthday. Odd, i don't feel 26, lately, more like 62. My birthday was fabulous! I went out to lunch at On the Border with my in-laws and then headed over for the most fabulous hour and a half pedicure of my life (i told the lady it was my birthday and she could see I was pregnant), so I think she treated me extra special. Then it got all cold while I was in getting my pedicure and I was totally not ready for the weather. I went to Wal-mart and looked around, the doctor told me to walk around as much as I could to try and speed along this little thing. That night was really great, as well. Isaac and I went to Campisi's for dinner and got to go on a little date and have some alone time, it was so nice. We came home and had birthday cake and made wishes and took pictures. Then we went to bed, it was one of the greatest birthdays EVER!
The baby is doing well. He is held up in his little cave and is being stubborn. First we couldn't get him to not come when it wasn't a good time and now that it is a good time we can't get him to come-BOYS! Yesterday, I went and got some more things in preparation for the little ones arrival and it was so good to be out. I had lunch with some girls from work and had a good day as well. Today I am doing housework mostly and grocery shopping-whoever said being a stay at home wife was bad? It is so nice to get to do all of the stuff I would normally do at night or on the weekends.
So, to all interested I am doing well and I am happy! Have a great weekend.

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The Talbot Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Sorry I missed it!! It sounds like you had fun, though. I'm soo excited and really hope he decides to make his big debut really, really soon!!
Love ya and hope to hear the good news soon!