Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So I was good at blogging for like a week

Hey, sorry it's been a while, we've had a busy couple of weeks.
They are still trying to get my meds regulated to get my body working the way it is supposed to. Other than that I am good. Isaac is liking his job and has decided what he wants to got to school for. Noah is...Noah. He is the best kid in the whole world. He has this way of brightening everyone's day. He starts pre-school (Wens Only) on Sept 3rd. It was just another way I have seen how much and how fast he is growing. He is such a beautiful spirit. I am going to work Wens mornings and he is going to socialize with kids his own age. I think it will be good for him, I will have issues though.
I have to say how truely blessed we are. We have a wonderful family and all the things we need in life. Spritually, physically, and emotionally. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family. And, friends like you, who will tune in to read my ramblings. Love ya!


di said...

its about time! lol. what kind of pre school is noah going into and where are you going to work?!? thats exciting. it will be good for both of you to socialize with other people. what is isaac goign to go to school for? you left out all the details! lol

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering what's going on! Thanks for the update. I'm glad things are going well. What are you going to be doing (for work on wed.)and what does Isaac want to go to school for?