Friday, November 14, 2008

It's my birthday!!!

Yeah!!! I am so glad, ok so I am a little sad I am so close to 3o, but you can't really avoid it. The daytime doesn't really feel very special to tell you the truth. Isaac has to work and we have no family and not really alot of friends down here. So, it is just like any other friday. Went grocery shopping and taking care of Noah. Although, I am going to try to get out and get myself a new birthday outfit. I have to work tonight...I know it gets better and better. After that I get to go on a date with my two favorite boys for dinner. i am really excited! The best thing is I do have Noah this year, las year I can remember being so preggers and so ready to have him and this year we get to share all those special moments together. I did get new borthday hair lastnight, which is really nice. I know I sound kinda down, but it has actually not been such a bad day. Will write more and let you know how the whole day was. OOh, i did get one of my birthday presents..."Shopaholic and Baby", I am excited I finally get to finish the whole series.


starstruck_texan said...

Happy Birthday Brandi...Hope that your day goes well, and that you find a really cute outfit.

di said...

happy birthday!!! why didnt you tell me it was your birthday crazy!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday...belated...but I guess better later then never :) I hope your day went really well! How was dinner with the boys and work? Sounds like an average day for the most part...but I hope it was better then average. You haven't talked much about your job and are those?

How's that boy doing anyway? How old is he now? We need to see some updated pictures!