Saturday, March 8, 2008

At the avice of my husband

I have decided to blog more so that I don't have to write a novel every time. We are doing well. Last night we had Angel and Diana over for chicken parm and a movie, oh and hair. It was really good, I didn't really get to watch the movie, but I will later. My sister came up, she's been doing that slot lately and we love it. Tonight we are going on our "date night" for our anniversary and Monday we are gonna spend the day relaxing. We are really excited. Noah has been so vocal lately, he "talks" back and likes to "talk" to people that we see in stores and stuff. He is going to be a social butterfly, I feel.


di said...

o0o0 im so excited you are blogging!! love the pictures!

di said...

not doing so well on this new updating thing are ya? lol.